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Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis is committed to advancing the state of Indiana and the intellectual growth of its citizens to the highest levels nationally and internationally through research and creative activity, teaching and learning, and civic engagement. By offering a distinctive range of over 200 bachelor’s, master’s, professional, and Ph.D. degrees, IUPUI promotes the educational, cultural, and economic development of central Indiana and beyond through innovative collaborations, external partnerships, and a strong commitment to diversity.

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  • Technology in Education Excellence & Innovation – Individual - Ali Jafari, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Information Technology and Director, IUPUI CyberLab (2012 )
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Universities across Indiana help build and grow the tech ecosystem

While many parts make up our Indy tech ecosystem, universities across the state offer important pieces toward the development of new and innovative tech. Serving as a cradle for many startups, universities provide connections, talent, support and more to students and researchers launching their ideas. Along with helping new businesses begin, universities help inventors and

Local students embrace diversity, opportunity at Atlanta computing conference

Pike High School: Eleven students sluggishly drag their bags to the charter bus barely saying a word as five chaperones greet them with a cheery “Good morning.” Providence Cristo Rey High School: Nine students wait in the lobby as the bus pulls up.  A prayer for safe travels is said and the students scurry onto

IUPUI Researchers Developing App to Increase Empathy in Doctors

Going to the doctor is rarely fun, but the experience is infinitely more pleasant and productive when physicians and patients are communicating well and feel mutually respected. With such common goals, one might be tempted to think the doctor-patient relationship is a no-brainer, but that does not seem to be the case. According to a

Tennessee to Indy and back again…and again

Kristy Rutherford followed Peyton Manning to Indianapolis. Well, sort of. Kristy went to undergrad at the University of Tennessee (at the same time as Peyton), where she received a degree in communication. She graduated and worked in PR in Knoxville. She also got married in Knoxville, to her husband Craig who she met while he

Three Reasons to Get Involved with IU Informatics at IUPUI This Fall

We need your help here at the School of Informatics. We are committed to Indiana technology education and Indiana technology research through the professional development of our students (Informatics, HIA, and Media Arts) into graduates ready for the real world of employment in the Indiana tech sector and beyond. We need industry professionals working in emerging