The Career of Choice for Goals-Oriented, Competitive People The Sales Bootcamp is a six-week program for career changers and new grads designed to train and provide them a first-hand look inside the work environment at several tech companies, and help them quickly ramp up to be high-potential salespeople.

A Career in Demand

Indianapolis technology companies are growing rapidly and they need goals oriented, competitive people like you to help fuel their growth. Sales careers at local tech companies are some of the most in-demand positions in the Greater Indianapolis area, and they are a proven fast-track to career acceleration and compensation growth for new grads and career changers.

Following our inaugural Sales Bootcamp experience in June 2016, all 17 new grads and career changers who completed the program received full-time employment offers.

We’ve held two more Sales Bootcamp sessions since then and to date, 90% of the program participants have received job offers upon completing the program.

An Industry on the Rise

Why technology? Because the tech community in Indianapolis is thriving and it’s forecast to continue being one of the fastest growing industries in the Midwest. From startups to publicly traded companies and every size employer in-between, Indy is home to famous brands you know as well as exciting innovators that just might be the next big thing in tech.

Everybody’s Welcome

Our Sales Bootcamp includes parents rejoining the workforce, career changers, new grads, and people of all ages, races, and genders. Tech companies know the research; diverse workforces are more innovative, more productive, and they deliver better long-term results. Everybody’s welcome.

Job Openings and Interviews

After six weeks of learning, training and working hands-on with several local tech companies, TechPoint’s premium members, sponsors and partners will have special access to you and your fellow bootcampers for career matching, job interviews for possible placement in immediate openings.